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It wasn’t supposed to be “Moo Bar.” The name of the bar was supposed to speak to Cocktail History. The name was to evoke juicing and chipping and shaking and stirring. It was not to be an old-timey name, smelling of mustache wax and leather aprons, but a name of innovation, with maybe a nod to the history of our original bar Green Russell. Our name was to recall condensation beads on stainless steel, crushed ice mounded over the top of a glass and a swallowful of pure flavor and mellow burn. We weren’t supposed to be Moo Bar.

Once the engineers at Public Works created that insane chandelier, we saw the light, so to speak. Their chandelier speaks to innovation and bubbles and craftsmanship and still manages to recall the history of the Windsor Dairy that lived here before our little Moo Bar moved in.  

Meet me at the Moo Bar and I’ll show you the light.